Wrist, Hand And Elbow Orthosis/Braces

These orthoses are used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal injuries. They can be used during rest or informal activities, depending on what you need. The orthoses come in two types: static and dynamic. Static WHFOs are used for various injuries to the wrist joint. You would usually wear one if you were suffering from a carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, wrist sprain, or a post-fracture condition. Dynamic WHFOs are mainly used for injuries related to the MCP joints or fingers. They would usually be used by people recovering from a wrist fracture or suffering from a severe sprain in the MCP joint. Another type of orthosis commonly used is an elbow orthosis with a turnbuckle. This is mainly used to treat contractures and tightness related to the elbow joint, and it could be worn during rest or informal activ

Orfit WHFO

Dynamic WHFO

Elbow Orthosis with Turnbuckle