What We Do

Evoke Reahab is an international quality prosthetic and orthotic clinic based in India, committed to providing quality solutions to people with disabilities. The center is equipped with the most modern technology to provide amputees and others with prosthetic or orthotic aids.

We are very passionate about interacting with our patients to find what works for them and get them back on track. Everything we do is customized for each and every patient, based on their needs, their comfort level and what they want to accomplish.

Prosthetists solve problems for amputees or people who are born with a deficiency. They are specially trained healthcare providers who evaluate, design and fit prosthetic devices for their anatomy and individualized fit. There are a lot of things that go into creating a prosthesis, and the goal is to provide the person with a device that will preserve as many of his body parts and functions as possible.

Orthotists are healthcare professionals who evaluate, measure, and design foot orthoses and orthotic braces for people with a wide range of needs. They work closely with doctors or physical therapists to create a treatment plan that will satisfy the orthotic patient’s needs.