Upper Limb

Innovator X post-op elbow

Innovator X is a post-op brace intended to increase patient compliance and satisfaction with superior comfort and aesthetics. It’s designed primarily for the following indicentations: stable fractures of the elbow, distal humerus, proximal radius or ulna, tendon and ligament injuries or repairs, collateral ligament reconstructions, tennis elbow release.

Formfit wrist brace

Formfit Wrist gives patients immobilization and protection for injuries to the wrist, including mild to moderate sprains and strains. In addition to that, it provides post-cast healing. It’s lightweight, breathable, and contour fit make it comfortable to wear.

Saebo Glove

The SaeboGlove is an innovative hand device that incorporates a proprietary tension system as well as other features to support and secure an individual’s wrist following wrist drop. Perfect for people who are recovering from neurological and orthopedic injuries, the SaeboGlove helps clients incorporate their hand in therapy and at home. The cutting-edge product has a lightweight, low-profile design that is just one of its many innovative features.

Saebo Stretch

Saebo is a company that creates products for individuals suffering from neurological injuries, such as stroke. I know this because I’ve been in the situation before, and wanted to share something that might help you out. The Saebo Stretch hand splint is revolutionary because it helps and prevents joint damage while also stretching and improving range of motion. If you or family member suffers from spasticity, then you know there are barriers to stretching that don’t come up with other types of injuries. Saebo’s energy-storing technology allows you to stretch comfortably and safely. The Saebo Stretch includes three interchangeable dynamic handpieces that suit different types of spasticity. Saebo also has a lot of information on their website about what their products can do for you, if you’re interested.


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