SPL2 Stance Controlled KAFO

Historically, the best option for a patient with weakened muscles that control the knee was often to wear a KAFO with a locked knee joint. Recent advances in technology have made new knee joints available that can automatically lock and unlock at the appropriate phases of the gait cycle. These are called “Stance Control” joints, and they can be used to create a KAFO or KO for patients with knee weakness who qualify for treatment.
Each KAFO is custom-made from a unique patient scan to the specific requirements of the individual. There are many design options available, giving us plenty to choose from when designing the Orthosis for each patient. Remember that an in-depth examination and assessment is necessary before we can recommend the best possible combination of Orthosis components.

  • Unlocks during Swing Phase
  • Locks during Stand Phase prior to heel contact
  • 3 operation modes: Automatic Lock/Unlock, Manual Lock, Free Motion
  • Benefits in achieving therapy goals
  • Walking stability for the patient
  • Less energy consumption
  • No circumduction
  • No hip hiking

Swing Phase Lock 2 Orthotic Knee Joint

Swing Phase Lock 2 Hinge


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