Miami LSO

Miami LSO is a low-profile, easy-to-use spinal orthosis designed for pain relief, protection of injured ligaments or muscles, and post-surgical immobilization. Miami LSO provides low-profile, low-force immobilization, with an easy fit and wear. The additional posterior panel allows Miami LSO to immobilize the T1-T9 vertebrae.

Miami Posteo

At Posteo, we believe that Miami Lumbar Posteo provides comfortable lumbar compression and adjustable thoracic extension. We also think that it offers relief of vertebral fracture pain and facilitates mobility. Our lumbar compression system provides both pain relief via active vertebral offloading and a better grip of hips for greater compliance. In addition, it has an innovative approach to ease of use and consist donning.

Miami TLSO 464

The Miami TLSO from Össur has been designed to address the needs of patients and practitioners alike. It’s easily applied, offers a comfortable fit, and provides immobilization in all three planes. This pre-assembled brace is perfect for over-the-shoulder or underarm use. These variants are complemented with conveniently located buckles for a fast and efficient donning and doffing process. The Miami TLSO is intended to be used for indications requiring gross thoracic and lumbar spine immobilization.

Miami J Collar

Miami J is a scientifically-proven cervical collar, with superior immobilization for effective rehabilitation. It’s designed to minimize pressure points in key areas, including the chin, occiput, trapezius, and clavicle. These are features that will enhance compliance while providing immobilization and patient comfort. Indications include situations which require gross immobilization of the cervical spine. Examples include: pre and post c-spine surgery or injury; motor neurone disease; RA and OA cervical spine; cervical spondylitis and spondylosis.

Miami JTO

Miami JTO Thoracic Extension is a versatile, tool-free device that was designed to treat both high and middle cervical injuries. It has a patented chin strut built in, which provides stability when patients wear Miami J® Collars. The device is only used with Miami J® Collars when physicians indicate it.


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