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Your foot ulcer may appear painless, small and trival, but it is a serious problem. Without good care it may not heal, and there is a risk that foot infection will develop. It is therefore important that ulcers are healed quickly.

An ulcer cannot heal if it is constantly under pressure. It is important to limit the amount of walking you do or relieve the weight from the affected area.

You may be asked to wear special shoes or insoles to take pressure off your ulcer. Wear them as instructed by the orthotist.
Diabetic insoles are designed specifically to distribute the pressure.
Various kinds of softness material uses for the preparation of Diabetic insole. Do not ignore the other foot. Check both feet daily for any changes.

People with diabetes and particularly diabetic neuropathy, need to pay special attention to the style and fit of the shoes they wear. The shoes and inserts provided by EVOKE Clinic are made from breathable materials and are designed to cushion while providing extra support to the ankle, arch and heel.

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