we understand that a loss of limb or neurological and musculoskeletal conditions can be life changing.


We provide complete orthotic care from head to toe. From supportive and corrective braces to those specifically designed for sports, we do it all.

Diabetic Insole

Your foot ulcer may appear painless, small and trival, but it is a serious problem.


One of the most life like cosmetic restorations are available today’s for amputees. These includes custom made Cosmetic Fingers, Partial hands, Foot, Ear , Nose and Maxio – Facial prostheses.

Prosthetic and Orthotic Innovations in Empowerment

Evoke Rehabilitation Center is a Clinical provider unit, we provide Reliable, Cost Effective and Technoogically Superior Prosthetic and Orthotic Appliances and Diagnosed Based Clinical Service for the diferently able person(Divyangjan).

Now a days Thanks to the open Market, there are so many leading ISO-9001 Certified Prosthetic and Orthotic Companies providing their components and material to the P&O owned based clinic with Low price, peroper warranty and avilability of spare parts. So the qauality is Assured

Reach our Clinic in your location

To provide maximum coverage, these limb fitting centres are strategically located in cities like: Visakhapatnam and Rajahmundry

Providing Personal and Evidence Based Treatment

We provide an honest and caring relationship with our clients; offering them and their families support, evidenced based interventions and continuity of care

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